Windows 9 Beta

The release of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 didn’t see the success Microsoft was looking for, but the company wants to change all that with a rumored 9 beta version. Which may happen either this fall or early next year.

The Windows 9 code name which was last seen on LinkedIn may very well end up with a different name when and if it’s officially unveiled. But until this rumored beta variant sees the light of day, maybe we will first see a 8.2 Windows version; or the Windows 9 beta could be, in fact, a 8.2 version. There are many uncertainties about this variant. Such as: will our computers or laptops required to sport Windows 8 in order to gain access to the update? How about the number of versions the new release will have? What will its features be? And so on.

Several versions available

According to Tami, Reller, Windows business chief, the so-called Windows 9 beta is going to sport not one, but several variants. And, since many users wanted to see cheaper tablets sporting Windows, Peter Klein – Microsoft CEO – announced everyone interested that the company was well-aware of that. So we can expect a tablet that could sport Windows 9 at a much cheaper price than now.


The processor power that the Windows 9 beta is said to deliver could be way enhanced according to Bruce Worthington, the man in charge with power management. Moreover, developers could be given free hand to create new and more varied applications; the latter would be included in the Windows Store for users to download. Word is going around that maybe the new apps will fit displays that are totally different in size.

The features

And now here’s what sort of features one should expect from the new Windows. The Windows 9 beta could come with two webcams that should cost less compared to what a 3D cam costs. Which means that gesture recognition technology would make it very easy and cheap to incorporate and use. Speaking of which: there are rumors of Kinect-based 3D gestures for the Windows 9 version. Another novelty could be Direct Experience. The latter is a feature that, if incorporated in the new operating system, would enable gadget lovers to do the following: launch a media file – or more – faster and without a hassle. That would be possible only if Microsoft decide to bring improvements to Hyper-V for the Server 8 edition. This possible enhancement could mean the following: the possibility to easily change the position of a virtual computer from where it might be to a different place; all while said machine is doing its thing.

Until the Windows 9 beta – or the Windows 8.2 version – officially gets a release date, price and whatnot, there are many questions looking for an answer. One of the most burning ones: will the new Windows OS be 64-bit only or not? In the meantime, the rumored Windows 9 beta operating system remains a much-anticipated release. Whether or not this version will really bring new features, options, ways to improve the performance of a gadget or not remains to be seen when the OS comes out either later this fall or in 2014.

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